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While tattooing has been a part of the Indian culture since ancient times, it isn’t respected as an art form. Michael’s appreciation for tattooing has grown greatly since he first picked up a tattoo machine in early 1995. “My devotion to this profession has become increasingly involved, and popular over the years” says Mike. Although there is high correlation between the art of tattooing and regular fine art, I find the boldness of individuals using their own human skin as canvas of display, their visual passion deeply admirable. This expression of inner self so pronounced when compared to the weak and remote surface of plain canvas.

Michael continues to explore the possibilities in his chosen profession. “Knowledge of art is infinite”. My passion for tattooing in this respect makes me never content, never satisfied with what I have learned and experienced before. It will only make me strive to discover more concepts and pursue more ideas with confidence, giving clients the best tattoos they could have ever dream of. “You think it and I ink it” without any hesitation says Mike, who has this quiet burning desire of representing his people and country as the leading tattooist in the world someday.

Since Tattoo is an art form, that’s becoming more and more popular with the public increasing knowledge- and demanding, not many people know about the different styles a design can be produced in. I show my client a few ways of doing the subject they’ve chosen. Sometimes I need only look at a person to understand their tastes and what they’re after. When speaking of what drives Michael to get up in the morning and go to the studio, and what tattoo means to him. “That’s not what I always want to do I have other interests, leading an adventurous life is another. But I must admit to being “studio-dependent”. A tattoo is a work of art exactly as a painting or a sculpture is. It’s not the technique or even the material you use that makes a work of art. Tattoo is in one way to make art. Mike’s Art dependent and tattooing enables him to keep in touch with people. Artists are always seeking approval of their work, but tattoo artists don’t have that problem because the people who want to be tattooed by you certainly appreciate your work. “I believe it’s a way of communicating with others. Part of your character will always be in the tattoo you choose. An image without a meaning doesn’t exist, it can be linked to a memory of infancy or a person. Communication is our culture.

When asked, “The Tattoos you do, do they reflect something of you” “Like all artist I too have a “STROKE” with which I signature my tattoos but I try not to create a clich. I’ve always been critical of artists who want, at all costs to put their personality, so I look for the best design for each client, the one most suited to them and not linked a prior to any particular style. I’m happy when someone appreciates a design irrespective of who did it.

As a tattoo artist, you have to work damn hard. Talent is like a kick up the ass, it gets you moving, but without commitment and practice talent is useless, it wont even survive. A good tattoo artist must have lots of designs in their head, then mix the various elements to create even more interesting tattoos. I’m strongly bound by my client’s demands. I never think of designs I could possibly do. Instead I try to produce good compositions capable of carrying deep artistic significance, which also means a lot of clients do trust me. I have clients who’ve grown up with me. They know me very well, they know I always put the utmost into every tattoo I do.

The art of tattooing does interest Michael, as he says its right to know the history of it, but in his and most tattooist cases with their professional and artistic developments, it isn’t fundamental, because very few, would like to work according to the old school. I can but its not my preferred style.

And since Michael’s work has received volumes of applause and is most talked about tattooist in India, not to mention the media, and Television Channels, he has his mind focused on being the best tattooist one has ever witnessed over the globe. To browse through a percentage of his creations, please surf through his portfolios created here in this web site, and not to forget to enter the guest book, to let Mike know what u think.